St John's Primary School

St John's Primary School

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Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast and After School Club

The Breakfast club

The Breakfast club runs from 07:30am until 08:55am each weekday morning during term time.
This includes a breakfast of bagels, crumpets, hot cross buns and toast which is served with various jams and/or syrup or, if the children prefer, a selection of cereals are available. Drinks include apple juice, water or milk.

After School club

A healthy snack is provided every day for the children on a menu that rotates on a three weekly basis, an example may include pittas with a choice of fillings and salad followed by yoghurt and/or seasonal fruit. Drinks include water, milk or pure fruit juice. Input from the children with regard to the menu is welcomed and acted upon and the children are encouraged to bake at the club once a week.

A range of indoor and outdoor activities and opportunities are available to the children (see images below).

Indoor activities include: : board games, pool, jigsaws, den making equipment, drawing, colouring, painting and other craft activities, a quiet area where books are provided, dolls, teddy bears and dressing up clothes for role play.

For outdoor activities we have access to the school field in the better weather and the playground where the children have: scooters, footballs, basketballs and soft ball cricket, rounders and golf sets, skipping ropes, hula hoops and many other toys.

A tiny garden has been planted outside the scheme which the children are responsible for. The children take turns in weeding, planting and general maintenance of the area and this years reception intake have planted conkers in the hope of growing them into mature trees.

For more information about our Breakfast and After School Clubs please contact us via our landline telephone 01422  825073 or mobile 07704796547.

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