St John's Church, Rishworth

St John’s Church, Rishworth

As a Church Academy, the religious education of the children is central to the life of the school. It permeates all that is taught inside and outside the classroom. Work in religious education begins with the simplest of beliefs; trust in Jesus and in God. It gradually progresses to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Christian Faith, the life and teachings of Jesus, a reverence for truth, a respect for others, knowledge of other faiths, and an acceptance of responsibility which all underpin the child’s knowledge of God.

The RE Scheme of Work is based upon the Dioceses of Leeds and York Diocesan syllabus for Religious Education. Within that Syllabus, Christianity forms the broad core of the work undertaken, however children also learn about a range of other world religions.

An act of Collective Worship of a Christian character is undertaken daily at school. Teachers and the clergy from the local churches lead the worship. Holy Communion is celebrated in school at Easter and during the leavers’ service in July.

St. John’s School has strong links with the local village church, with the children participating in services several times a year.

Children of all ages and their parents are warmly invited to attend the church services that involve the children, as well as the regular Sunday morning worship in church.

Parents wishing to do so, can exercise their right to withdraw their children from RE and worship under section 237 (2) of the 1988 Education Act. If parents are considering such a decision, they are asked to consult with the Head Teacher.

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ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ST JOHN’S CHURCH: Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, St John’s Church will close completely until further notice. Please continue to pray for the church and they look forward to welcoming us all back once more normal times return.

Please look below at the Collective Worship in school for ideas on worship opportunities for pupils during this time.

In September 2019, school and church held the Harvest service collecting an awesome donation of foods and personal items for the Calderdale Food Bank at St Ebenezer’s in Halifax. Thank you to all the children, parents, staff and parishoners for their donations. The children made an amazing contribution to the service singing, talking about the importance of Harvest and the work of the foodbank. Thank you to all who attended.

Recently St John’s held their annual Anniversary Service and picnic. Here are some photos of the congregation.

SIAMS Feedback (January 2020)

“St John’s Primary School is harmonious and nurturing. It ensures that pupils make the academic, social and emotional progress that enables them to flourish and be resilient and aspirational for their futures.”

“Pupils shine in their learning” and “demonstrate exemplary behaviour and leadership.”

Read full SIAMS report

RE and Collective Worship

The Vision of St John’s CE Primary School, Rishworth

Matthew 5:16 (NRSV)

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father in heaven.”

Following Matthew 5:16, people shine through success, honesty, independence, neighbourliness and enjoyment. We believe children learn best when they’re happy and have the confidence to respond to challenges, within a caring Christian environment where adults lead by example. We value the partnership with families and the community whilst striving to give our best.

The School’s Aims are:

¨To maximise the academic attainment of each child

¨To maximise the personal, social, spiritual and physical development of each child

The pupils, staff, parents and governors of St John’s have worked together to create our core values:

Success. We aim to provide excellent learning opportunities to ensure the best possible progress and attainment for all children whatever their needs and abilities.

Honesty. We aim to develop children’s understanding of the importance of honesty in all relationships and as part of self-reflection in a Christian environment.

Independence. We aim to develop the self- confidence in all our children that enables them to think and work independently, so striving for excellence in all areas of the curriculum.

Neighbourliness. We aim to ensure that every child becomes a compassionate and respectful member of the school, local, national and global communities.

Enjoyment. We aim to be a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where children have exciting and creative learning experiences that help develop an enjoyment and love of learning.

Take a look at the policies for RE, Collective Worship and our Spirituality Statement of Intent

Religious Education Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Spirituality Statement of Intent

Spring Term 2020

In light of the recent school and church closures, these are some websites offering support to families with worship opportunities. This website has been suggested to us by the Leeds Children and Young People Services in the Anglican Diocese of Leeds.

Little Worship Company

This Rainbow Prayer from Messy Church links in with the Rainbow kindness project that has recently launched in the U.K.

The following are ideas to set up reflective areas at home

Autumn Term 2019

Recent trips to Halifax Minster for Class One and Two and the KS2 Three Faith Visit Day in Leeds.







New RE displays for Autumn 2019 – Sikhism study in KS2 and Who is God display in EYFS and KS1.


During Spring Term 2019, KS2 have explored the concept of Salvation. To share their understanding of the events of Holy Week, pupils created varied artwork based on the crosses of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


In Autumn Term 2018, EYFS and KS1 found out more about how Christians and Muslims welcome babies to their faith. We enjoyed a visit to St John’s Church for a mock baptism with Reverend Carol and listened to Fozia Bi speak to us about how babies are welcomed to Islam.


During Spring Term 2018, we had an RE week to introduce all the school to the new Understanding Christianity Resource. We looked at the ‘Big Frieze’ which tells the full bible story and created our own version of it. Each class created a panel and presented it during assembly. Look out for the ‘St John’s Big Frieze’ which will be on display shortly in the entrance hall.

Class 1- Creation/ Incarnation

Class 2- People of God

Class 3- Gospel

Class 4- Salvation

Class 5- Fall/Kingdom of God