Summer Term 2021

Please find below the Curriculum Newsletter which outlines the learning that will take place in Year 2 during the Summer Term.

Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter Summer 2021

Homework and spellings

Please note that the children are set homework weekly on Google Classroom. They have weekly My Maths work and have Times Table Rock Star logins to use daily. Please continue to encourage your child to learn their  tables as often as they can. The order they learn them is 10X, 2X , 5X and then 3X .

These are the spellings for Summer 1.

Year 2 spellings 202021 Summer 1

Practice sheets can be downloaded below.

week 1, week 2,week 3,week 4,week 5, week 6

This term’s grammar homework is one grammar mat per week.

Mat 1,Mat 2,Mat 3,Mat 4,Mat 5,Mat 6


Please continue to read daily with your child. The children have the individual readers sent home, Bug Club Reading books set to your child’s reading level and a weekly library Book.

Bug Club letter

Library changing day is Monday in Class 2

Spring Term 2021

We are setting home learning using this tab and Google Classroom. The two platforms mirror each other. The children have their own login details and password. Click links below for further information.

Google classroom

Google Classroom Parent letter

How to login to my google account

How to hand in your work



These are the spellings for this half term.

Year 2 Spring 2 Spelling overview

Practice sheets can be downloaded below.

week 1week 2week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6


These are the grammar homework sheets for this half term.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6

Maths Homework

Each week Mrs Haigh will set some  My Maths  homework on a Friday to complete for the following Friday. It will relate to the work we are learning in class each week and provide extra practice. There are some free workbooks from White Rose Maths.

Home learning

I have attached a suggested timetable for home learning and will try and upload work by 5.00pm the night before so there is time to look through the work and print it the night before.


Reading books are available through Bug Club starting this week. Please read the letter for more information and watch the video explanation. Remember to aim to read 3 times a week at least.

Bug Club Letter


If the children enjoy online books there are some available using this link to   Oxford Owl User name: Books300 Password: Class2

There are many phonics/grammar resources for the children to access on this site too.

I have signed the children up to a reading platform called epic. The children can access it for free during the school day between 9.00am and 4.00pm. The instructions are below.

Epic Year 2

Songs and rhymes for the Week Beginning 1st March

BBC Radio Video When I was one


World Book Day is on Thursday. Remember to dress up ready for our Google Meet. There is a competition on Thursday to make a book character from a potato in the afternoon so start thinking about that and make sure you have a suitable potato.

Monday 1st March 

Google Meet Story time: Class 2 with Mrs Haigh at 1.30pm reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me


Today you are going to learn to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. There is a Oak academy worksheet and the some twinkl worksheets. Don’t print then all as there are 10 sheets. There are 3 levels, 1 star are the easiest, then 2 star a bit harder and then 3 star are the hardest.

Telling the Time to the nearest 5 minutes video 1

Oak academy worksheet

Year 2 5-minute-intervals–differentiated sheets

English: Watch the spelling planet video to learn the spelling rule drop the ‘y’ and change it to a ‘i ‘ before adding ‘er’ and ‘est’ and then  complete the worksheet. Next use the picture of the characters from our pirate book this week to write your own comparison sentences. There is an example on the sheet. Don’t forget to practice your weekly spellings.

Spelling planet video

Swop the y for an i

Pirate Superlatives


Christopher Columbus’s explorations allowed more people to explore the Americas and the Caribbean, including pirates. Watch the videos at the webpage link from the National Maritime Museum and then scroll down to look at the different “Pirate Objects.” Tick off any you find in the National Maritime Musuem’s collection and draw and label any that are not included on the sheet.

Pirate Videos

Pirate artifacts

Tuesday 2nd March


Today there is the second Oak Academy lesson about telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Watch the video and then compete the Oak Academy lesson and the White Rose Maths sheet.

Reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes Part 2 Video

Oak Academy worksheet

Y2  Telling time to 5 minutes


This week is Book Week and our theme is Pirates. All our English work is based on a book called The Pirates Next Door which is written and illustrated by the author Johnny Duddle. First listen to the story looking carefully at the pictures, as they have lots of detail and help you to learn about the characters. Activity 1 is to complete the comprehension questions. Activity 2 is to use a dictionary to write the definitions of some of the words in the story. Activity 3 is to look at the text on pages 7,8 and find as many rhyming pairs as you can!

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3


Sailing the oceans is difficult to navigate. Learn about the seven continents and five oceans today with Miss Rahman. There are also 2 songs to help you learn all the names. Label your own map, create your own ship and take it for a journey around the world. If you have a globe at home think carefully about the Pacific Ocean- where does it stretch from and to?
Extra Challenge- Can you label one country in each continent too?

continents and oceans

world map to label

ship to make

Wednesday 3rd March


Today watch the White Rose Video about durations of time and them complete the worksheet.

Y2  Find durations of time


Today you are going to pretend to be Tilda writing your diary. This is when you write in detail what has happened in your day. I have attached a link with the author Johnny Duddle reading the story so you can remember all the things Tilda thought, did and said. Then you will write about in her diary. Remember to write in the first person using I and to write in an informal but descriptive style.

Tilda’s Diary



As a school we subscribe to Real PE. See the link below to explain how to login and then then find your login details on the Class 2 sheet. Once you are logged in select Key Stage 1 and then choose a pirate activity for this week.

Thursday 4th March

Remember to wear your pirate dressing up clothes for our Google Meet at 10.30am today. Be there or walk the plank!! Get ready to look for pirate treasure around your house!!

Today you are comparing durations of time so watch the White Rose video and complete the worksheet.

Y2 Compare durations of time


The rest of the day is Book Day Fun!! First listen to Mrs Verry read you a story.
Watch Johnny Duddle draw a pirate and then complete the sheet to draw your own pirate. Colour in your own pirate ship and name it. Complete the pirate spot the difference sheets. Read a book or watch the World Book Day videos! There is a draw with Andy session so you can draw more pirates and pirate ships.

World book day video







In the afternoon complete the World Book Day potato challenge. Watch Miss Bell explain what to do.

Friday 5th March


Improve your handwriting by focusing on the letter j.

Joining the Letter ‘j’ Activity Sheet

The Letter ‘j’ More Joining Practice Activity Sheet

Spelling Test: Join Captain Haigh for your weekly spelling test.


There are two lessons to watch today if you have time. The first one is by White Rose Maths and is all about days and hours and has a White Rose Maths Sheet to go with it.

Y2 Hours and days

The second lesson is all about sequencing activities by Oak Academy and has a short activity to complete at the end. These are our last two lessons about time for Year 2.

Sequencing everyday activities video

Oak Academy Sequencing Daily Activities


Today’s mission is to find out more about different ocean life using the developing experts mission. Don’t forget the narration button can help to read all the information for you. Then complete the worksheet. If you can make your own deep ocean to put the creatures into.The extension activity is to find out Blue Whale Facts

Developing experts video The oceans

PDF Handout ocean life sheet

PDF Mission to Write Handout – Blue Whale Fact File

Song of the Week

Slippery Fish song

Monday 22nd February 

Welcome back Year 2. Remember Goggle Meet story time today  at 1.30pm.


We are starting a 2 week topic on Time. There are no White Rose Videos for this topic so Mrs Haigh will be using PowerPoints and Oak Academy lessons to help with your learning. I have attached extra sheets in a Booklet called Money and Time see below. Just print pages 1-17 for the extra Time Sheets.

Time and money workbook Year 2

Telling the time video Oak Academy

Make a clock sheet

Oak Academy maths worksheet

Today we are going to watch the Oak Academy lesson and the how to make a clock video. Then complete the worksheet game and make your own clock. You can print the template or make your own using cardboard. Our clocks at school have a blue/long minute hand and a red/ short hour hand.


Today we are learning how to add -er and -est to adjectives. When we compare things we add er or est to make a new word. Watch the spelling zone video and say the suffix rhyme before completing the 3 worksheets and your spelling practice for Friday.

Spelling Planet Video

Adding -er and -est no change

Drop the ‘e’ before adding -er and -est



Our topic work this half-term is all about the different oceans which are habitats for different plants and animals. Sometimes we call this our Blue Planet. Today you are going to work through the presentation with a grown-up. Switch on narration to hear the words and the songs. Learn what a habitat is. The song words are displayed below. Complete the habitat sheet and if you have time try a woodlice experiment.

Developing Experts video Habitats

Habitats worksheet

Song 1 Living things and their habitats

Tuesday 23rd February


Today we are learning about minutes and hours. Watch the Oak Academy lesson first and complete the Oak academy lesson. Then watch Mrs Haigh explain the o’clock times and complete the o’clock work sheets. Remember the long minute hand points to 12 on the clock and the hour hand points to the correct hour.

Oak Academy Maths Lesson 2 video

Oak academy task

O’clock times worksheet


Today Mrs Haigh will read the story called ‘The Storm Whale in Winter.’ Pause the video at the part of the story where we hear the BUMP on the boat. Then complete the first sheet and write as much information as you can remember from the story and make your predictions. This is your comprehension of the story, remember to write in sentences. Watch the end of the story to see if your prediction was correct. On the back of a book we always have a blub. The blurb will tell us part of the story to get our interest. See if you can complete the blurb on the second sheet. Also can add to the blurb by writing a question.

The Storm Whale Sheet 1

The Storm Whale Sheet 2


This half term we are going to learn to be a special type of earth detective called a geographer. Geographers like to find out about our planet; mapping out places and finding out about people and communities. Watch the video story “Me on the Map” and begin to think about your place on our planet. What is your map? Use the worksheet to make a flip book- it starts with the title page and ends with the Earth. Challenge: Can you make a map of your local area?


Wednesday 24th February

Today we are going to practice our half past times. Have your clocks ready to practice with Mrs Haigh first.

There is a game to play after the PowerPoint and then two worksheets to complete.

Twinkl half past game

t-n-5604-half-past-timesMixed o’clock and half past


Today listen to the story that came before ‘The Storm Whale in Winter. ‘ This story is called ‘The Storm Whale’ and  may be set in Spring or Summer see what you think. Today you will write your own blurb for the new story before comparing the two stories and deciding on your favourite.

Blurb for today’s story Sheet 3


Use your Purple Mash login to see today’s 2Do. You are going to make music digitally using 2Sequence. See if you can drag the bells and chimes along one bar and press the green arrow to listen. Explore using different instruments on the different lines and remember you can leave gaps. Set and change the speed and the volume until you produce a good sound.


As a school we subscribe to Real PE. See the link below to explain how to login and then then find your login details on the Class 2 sheet in Google Classroom. Once you are logged in select Key Stage 1 and then choose a pirate activity for this week.

Jasmine Real PE at Home

Thursday 25th February

Remember our Year 2 Google Meet is at 10.30am today.


Today we are learning the time quarter past. Watch the Oak Academy lesson.

Lesson 3 Maths Oak Academy

There are two ways to write quarter past. The other way is to write the numbers on the digital clock which is the hour and then the number of minutes so see if you can learn both. Quarter past 3 can be written as 3.15




English: Today listen to another reading of ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’.
Then you will learn about the 4 sentence types using the PowerPoint. After that complete the sheet to punctuate and decide which sentence types are used in the story. Use the explanation sheet as a reminder of how to spot the different sentence types.

The 4 sentence types

Sheet 4 The 4 sentence types

Sheet 5 Can I recognise the 4 sentence types


To complete our work on Neil Armstrong, we have to learn more about another explorer in the past. Today we are finding out about Christopher Columbus. Use the newspaper template to write a story about Columbus’ famous voyage and create a fact file.

Powerpoint-The Story of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus fact file

The story of Christopher Columbus

Friday 26th February


Watch the Oak Academy lesson to learn how to show quarter to on a digital clock. This can be confusing when we write it as a digital time so be careful. Quarter to 3 is 2:45 on a digital clock.

Oak Academy Math’s Lesson




Complete your spelling test.

Then practice joining letter i.

Joining the Letter ‘i’ Activity Sheet

The Letter ‘i’ Activity Sheet – Cursive Alt


To prepare for our pirate work next week make a pirate hat or a pirate mask to use as your costume for our Google Meet next week on Thursday 4th March as part of our activities for World Book Day.

How to make a pirate hat

Monday 8th February

Today we will have our Google meet at 1.30pm.


We are doing another new topic this week called Statistics or Data. We start by making tally charts and tally counting. You will remember doing this from Year 1.

Y2-Make tally charts

HW-EXT-Make-Tally-Charts (1)

There are also 2 revision homeworks about money on My Maths to complete if you get time.


Today we are learning words that end in -il. Make sure you challenge yourself to write the sentences and remember to keep reading. Try to read 3 Bug Club books a week as well as your own reading choices. Today there should be time to read a book after your spelling practice.


Word Search Black and White

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet il and al


This is our last materials science lesson. I have attached the sheet for the lesson on Oak Academy and then a fun challenge sheet. Well done scientists.

Which material is best?


Questions for materials


Tuesday 9th February



Today the children are using shapes or pictures on a pictogram to represent a value. There are lots of pictograms to draw and understand today.




We are using a story called Alfie’s Star to base all our work on this week. Toady we read the story and then answer some questions and think about some word meanings. I have attached the whole pack of work but you will not need it all.

Please print pages 2 and 3 to read the story or listen to Mrs Haigh read it on the film.


Then todays worksheets are pages 5, 6, 7 and 8.



Today is Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is whether we can trust everything that we read or see on the internet. There is a video story about Digiduck to watch with a grown up and discuss.

Digi Duck story

Then on Purple Mash there is an e-mail under the tab Alerts for the children to reply to Wise Owl. After you could play some more Purple Mash Games on this safe platform for children. Find your Purple mash login instructions on Google Classroom.

Wednesday 10th February


Today we are interpreting pictograms or understanding them.




Today we are using the Alfie’s star pack again. There are lots of words to describe stars in the story. Your first job is to be reading detective and find them all and write them down. Remember the story is on Pages 2 and 3 and today’s detective worksheet is page 11. Your next task is to think about the parts of the story and write them on a story mountain. This is page 10. Just write a sentence for each part of the story. The middle of the story goes at the top of the mountain. Finally we are making some notes ready to write sentences. On page 12 write what star’s do these are our super verb words, On page 13 think about where we find stars and make a list. Finally on page 14 combine your notes to make different sentences. See if you can use all your adjectives and verbs to describe the stars and where they are.



Join in with our last dance of the term by dancing with aliens.

Meet the aliens


Religious Education: Salah is an important pillar of Islam. Listen to the music on the first video that calls Muslims to prayer. The video is quite moving and important to Islam as a sung Adhan. Find out about the importance of prayer in Islam using the second video.


Muslim prayers video

Muslim prayers worksheet

Thursday 11th February

Remember the Google Meet today at 10.30am


Today you are drawing your own pictograms using the information.




Today you are learning about similes. We use similes to help describe objects in an interesting way. Read page 16 and try to compose your own simile sentences. On page 18 write some ideas of how the animals in the story could have used the star in a different way. The on page 19 there is a blank story mountain for you to plan out your own star story remember to include all the work you have learnt about describing the stars. You could even start writing your story today! I have included some writing paper and a google docs document for the story writing or just write it in your exercise book.


Star paper


To conclude our work on Neil Armstrong, timeline some of the key events in Space Travel. Use the google slide presentation to help.


Space time line sheet

Space timeline events

Friday 12th February



Today there are 2 videos as there are 2 lessons left in this block. The first one is interpreting pictograms and the second one is looking at block graphs. Don’t feel you have to do all of this today!





I have also added 4 activities on My Maths on the topic of Statistics to complete as and when.


Today’s task is to write your star story. I would love to see them and put them on the class stream. In addition complete your spelling test.

Then practice letter ‘y’. I have also included a star poem for you to write out if you wish.

The Letter ‘y’ Activity Sheet

Joining the Letter ‘y’ Activity Sheet

star poem

There were some extra activities for art , craft and cooking in the Alfie’s star pack. You may want to try them during the holidays.

Design Technology:

As a big end of half term project- enjoy a drawing session with author and illustrator Andy Sanders, design your own moon buggy and make a buggy using junk materials.

moon buggy activitiy

Have a restful half term everyone!


Monday 1st February

Mental Health Week 


Oak Academy Assembly

This week we continue with money maths. We are counting money and comparing who has more than, less than or the same amount of money. Remember to start counting the notes before the coins.



Our spelling rule this week is to changer the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ before adding the suffix -ed or -ing. There are 2 short videos to watch and a worksheet and spelling game.



Activity Sheet -ed

spelling game

Mental Health Link- Connect with others/Time Away from Screens. After working through the weblink powerpoint take some time away from screens.

About flying

paper aeroplane instructions

PDF Handout

Linked to our work on Space and Neil Armstrong: We will look today at the work of engineers and early flight by designing and making paper aeroplanes. You will need some plain paper. We can’t wait to see videos of your test flights.

Tuesday 2nd February


Today we are finding the totals by adding. There are lots of tips on the video about different ways to add money together.


For your extra work this week I have added some money games to play. There are different levels of difficulty. Have fun.

coin cruncher totals

top marks toy shop games


This week we are using the book Man on the Moon written and illustrated by Simon Bartram. When you listen to the story keep looking at the pictures as there is something that Bob in the story doesn’t know about!


After listening to the book complete the sequencing activity of Bob’s day. Remember to write in sentences. Then complete suitcase activity. Practice writing apostrophes as you label the things that Bob needs to take to the moon.

Bob’s day

Draw the things Bob should take with him to the moon

Religious Education:

What is Zakat? Mental Health Link- Giving to others. One of the five pillars of Islam is Zakat and Muslims believe this is a way to set a good example for others. We have been thinking a lot this term about kindness and during the three national lockdowns a mosque in Rochdale have held food drives to ensure that poverty stricken and vulnerable members of their wider local community. The videos show how they are setting this good example not just within their religious community but their local area.


Today’s task is to watch the videos and to think about something your can do to give to others: this could be baking a cake or biscuits to take to isolated family members or friends or it could be arranging a donation to give to Halifax Food Bank or the Gathering Place.

Wednesday 3rd February

Don’t forget that our Google Meet is now tomorrow at 10.30am. Today I have assigned 4 moon books on epic for you to read and a film to watch to help with your moon fact files. Sign in after 9.00am. The class code is qbn8051. Click on the link below to take you straight to the sign in page.

Epic Books Login page


Today we are finding the difference between 2 numbers or prices. Use number lines to help you see how much more or less a value is. Complete the White Rose Sheet and then choose your level of difficulty on the next sheet.




Today you are going to write some facts about the real moon. Use the information from the NASA website and books or encyclopedia’s. You can use pictures either drawn or found on line to help with your fact file. Record onto google docs or onto paper.

All about the moon facts



This afternoon you are off to the moon with our dance programme

Journey to the moon dance


This week on Purple mash. Think of things that make you happy and try to do as many as you can this week. Dancing makes me happy. I hope it does for you too!

Thursday 4th February


Watch the video carefully today as we are finding change. There are 2 ways to work out the answer either by counting back or counting on from the small number to the bigger number.


Year-2 HW-EXT-Find-Change


Today I want you to imagine you are a visitor to the moon. You are going to write a postcard home to a member of your family. Imagine all the things Bob would show you. Remember to write in sentences and use capital letters and fullstops. Cut out your postcard and draw a picture of the moon on the front.

A Postcard from the Moon


History: Mental Health Link- Learn New Skills/Healthy Eating.


Year 1-2 Powerpoint- Tim Peake Space Food

Powerpoint- Tim Peake Information

Year 1-2 Activity- Space Dinner Instructions 1

Year 1-2 Activity- Space Dinner Instructions 2

Year 1-2 Worksheet- Design a Space Dinner

This week we are learning more about Tim Peake, a British astronaut, who lived and worked on the International Space Station. Can you find out more about the food he ate in space and how he kept his body healthy? You could design a healthy meal for Tim Peake on paper or try preparing a healthy meal at home with adult supervision.

Powerpoint- Helen Sharman the first Briton in Space

For those of you wanting to find out more about Britons in Space, read the powerpoint to tell you more about Helen Sharman the first Briton in Space. Then watch Tim Peake telling the story “Goodnight Spaceman” for Cbeebies.
Additional material: Mental Health Link- Be Physically Active. Astronaut Training Camp.

Healthy Minds- An Astronaut Workout

Friday 5th February


Two step problems today. Remember to write down all your calculations before working them out.



Handwriting watch the letter school video that shows us how to form u correctly and then complete the worksheets.

Joining the Letter ‘u’ Activity Sheet

The Letter ‘u’ More Joining Practice

The Letter ‘u’ Extra Practice Additional Activity – Cursive Alt

Complete the spelling test with Mrs Haigh


Mental Health Link- Connect with Other People/Time Away from Screens. Make your own rocket mice.


rocket mice

Monday 25th January


This week we start a new topic money. See if you can look at some real money at home to help you with your learning. You will need to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and even 20’s. I have attached a 100 square that you can print out to help.

100 Square Hundred Straight 1 & 4 Black and White


Year-2-EXT Count-Money-Pence

There is some extra work in the workbook below. The money pages are pages 18-33. We cover money for the next 2 weeks so the booklet can be used as an additional resource if you wish

EMtime_and money student_Booklet


This week we are spelling words that double the last letter before adding -ed or -ing. Watch the spelling planet explanation before completing the 2 worksheets.

Word Search Black and White

Letter Shape Spellings Activity Sheet

If you have time start to find and perform a happy poem for the class.


This week’s lesson is called, ‘Which materials are absorbent?’ To do the experiment you will need a jug of water, a sink area , a sponge, tin foil, plastic cup, cotton wool and paper. After the lesson your challenge is to see if you can find opaque and transparent objects around the house and complete the worksheet.



Science opaque and transparent

Tuesday 26th January


You are counting pounds today, so lots of counting in 2’s, 5’s,10’s and 20’s.

Y2 Count-money-pounds



In English today I am going to read three happy poems for you to look at and read. Talk through the poems spotting the patterns with your grown up.
The last Poem is called ‘Tell it to the dog’ It’s like a child is moaning and telling their problems to the family pet. What I want you to do is to think of 3 or 4 moans you could tell to your pet to make up your own verse. See if you can get your verse to rhyme like the poet did.

Pet Poem worksheet

Story time with Mrs Haigh

Enjoy listening to QPootle 5 in Space


Religious Education

Learn about the 5 pillars of Islam. What are they? What do they mean to Muslims? There is a program and Power point with information to learn before completing the worksheet.

Lesson Presentation The Five Pillars of Islam

BBC Class Clip The Five Pillars of Islam

Activity Sheet The Five Pillars of Islam

Wednesday 27th January


Mathematics: Today you are counting both coins and notes.



English: Today Mrs Haigh will read the poem The Magic Pebble in the video Happy Poems 2. You can make anything happen in a magic pebble poem! So use your imagination to write your own verse on the magic pebble paper. What will your magic pebble do for you? Remember to use poetic language to describe. Can you make 4 lines with a rhyming pattern.

Magic pebble

If you enjoyed listening to the poems I have included a program below of 2 poets performing their own poems. One of them is the same poet who wrote the magic pebble, Roger McGough.

Roger McGough reads some poems

Afternoon lessons:

Dance: This is our last Winter dance today. It is called Jack Frost.

Computing: There are 4 challenges in the bubble coding activity today see if you can complete them all. Have fun on the last activity making your own screen.

Thursday 28th January




Today you need to select the correct money to pay for different things.


Today we are going to learn about using apostrophes for possession and revise using apostrophes in a contraction. Follow the Powerpoint and listen to the explanations. Remember not to put an apostrophe on a plural word!

Worksheet Apostrophes


Neil Armstrong didn’t get to the moon alone. Use the powerpoint to find out more about some of the women of the Apollo 11 mission. You can also watch the Awesome Astronauts video. Choose one of the women to write about. What was their contribution?


Fact file

Friday 29th January


Today you will see that there are lots of different ways to make the same amount. Get counting !!!




Weekly spelling test.


Handwriting practice Ladder letter Tt. Complete the worksheets to practice the letter.


Crossing the Letter ‘t’ Activity Sheet

Positioning the Letter ‘t’ Activity Sheet

The wizards spell


Gather your recycling together and make your own rocket use the website links to help. Choose form any of the ideas suggested or do your own. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED.

Make a bottle rocket instructions

Make a bottle rocket sainsburies

Make a bottle rocket

Watch BBC Lockdown learning lesson for more rocket fun.

BBC Bitesize Rocket Fun

We will show our rockets next week at our Google Meet!

Monday 18th January


This week we are introducing division. There are two ways to teach this by sharing and by grouping. The first lesson shows us how to share.



English: Grammar and spelling. We are learning to drop the ‘e’ before adding -ing or -ed. Watch the spelling zone video before practicing this weeks spellings and completing the worksheets. There is a word search and then a fill in the missing words sheet. Choose your level of difficulty 3 stars for the most difficult.

Word Search

Using verbs sheet

Afternoon Lesson


Watch the video and complete the lesson worksheets. For the experiment in the lesson you will need a piece of paper, pencil, rock, coin, cotton wool ball and a small bowl of water. There is a worksheet to record your results or use a note pad.
There are 2 extra worksheets to complete after if you have time. The Silly Sally sheet asks you to choose a material and explain why that material won’t work. Be as silly as you can!

https://Oak Acadamy Lesson  Which materials float and sink

Float and sink experiment

Grouping materials Handout

PDF Handout_Silly Sally

Tuesday 19th January


So today we are making equal groups by grouping objects in 2’s,5’s or 10’s. Complete the White Rose Maths Sheet. There is also some classroom secrets sheets. Choose your level of difficulty. Sheet 1 easy, Sheet 2 average, Sheet 3 challenging!




Today we are doing a Neil Armstrong comprehension. Read the information and then complete the questions. Get some help from an adult if you need some.

Neil Armstrong Biography

Neil Armstrong Comprehension questions

After completing your work watch the story time video with Mrs Haigh Reading ‘ The Darkest Dark’

Afternoon lesson: RE

What is the moral of each story from the Islamic holy book the Qu’ran? Use the worksheet to investigate this more.

Investigating Stories from the Qu’ran

Wednesday 20th January


Today we are using the division sign and the multiplication sign. Multiplication is counting in groups of 2 to see how many altogether. Division is when we start with an amount and then group in 2’s to see how many groups of 2. Complete your White Rose Worksheet and then choose which Classroom secrets sheet to complete remember 1 is the easiest and 3 is the hardest.




Watch the story book, The way back home.

When you have watched the story try filling in the story map. The exciting parts of the story are when there is a problem and it is solved. Resolution means how the story is solved. Can you spot the problems in the story and how they get solved.


We are going to write the story in our own words tomorrow. If you have time start today.

Afternoon lessons:

Lesson 3 Listen and join in to the Dance: Lets make a snowman


The children have been set a coding  lesson called,  Air Traffic Control  on Purple Mash.
Work through Challenges 1 and 2 with the children , reading through the blocks of code. We are following the instructions for what the plane should do and then turning it into code. An algorithm is a precise step by step set of instructions used to solve a problem or achieve an objective. We are aiming to create the correct algorithms on the computer.

Thursday 21st January

Mathematics: Today we are dividing by 5 so we are thinking how many groups of 5 we can make from a number. This week I have put the 5X tables on My Maths for you to practice your 5X tables and divisions.


English: Today you are going to write your own version of The Way Back home. You can watch the following video before you start.

It will be the same story but you will make it your own by describing the characters of the boy and the alien. Remember to extend some of your sentences using the word ‘but’ like your grammar homework this week. Use your story plan from yesterday to help you. Type the story in google docs or write on paper.

Narrow Lined paper


Newspaper Report PowerPoint

Find out more about the Apollo 11 Landings and what happened when Neil Armstrong went to the moon. Record your understanding using the newspaper report worksheet.

Newspaper Template

Just for fun, there is a cartoon video of the character QPootle 5

Friday 22nd January


Today we are dividing by 10. How many groups of 10 can we make in our maths today.




Join in the spelling test with Mrs Haigh.

Then watch how to form ladder letters.

Our first ladder letter to practice is letter Ll

The Letter ‘l’ Activity Sheet – Cursive Alt

The Letter ‘l’ More Joining Practice

Afternoon Activities:

Caring and kindness activities. To be a good friend we all have to be kind. Listen to the “Kind” story by Axel Schleffer.

In lockdown this is particularly important and everyone deserves some kindness. Can you use these activity ideas to be kind to someone else this weekend?



BBC Daily Bitesize Daily


Science and well being: This program is 20 minutes of exercise, science and a story.


Listen to the Music Express Numbers Lesson 1 and join in with the rhythm and the beat.

Friday 15th January


Watch the video to remind you how to double from Year 1.Complete the doubling challenge cards. To double a 2-digit number first partition into tens and ones and then double the tens and then ones and then add them back together. eg double 32 is double 30+30 =60, 2+2=4,60+4=64



Handwriting Watch the video to remind you how to write letter b. Complete the two handwriting sheets and the extra activity is an I spy things beginning with b. Use a dictionary to spell all the words correctly! I have also included a poem about Fog for you to copy. It reminded me of the weather on Wednesday this week!

The Letter ‘b’ Activity Sheet – Cursive

The Letter ‘b’ More Joining Practice

Fog Poem

I Spy Activity Sheet

Spelling test: Watch the video to complete your spellings with Mrs Haigh. I have uploaded a white board called a jamboard where you may be able to write your spellings straight on the whiteboard on your computer or I-pad.. Let me know if this helps.

Afternoon work:Art/Science

We are continuing to think about Winter. The birds need our help at this time of year so watch the two films and see if you can make a birdfeeder to help the birds. There are 2 examples of ways to make a bird feeder.


Yoghurt pot bird feeders

Natural pine cone bird feeders

Thursday 14th January


Today is the 10 times table. Once again there are the White Rose Maths Sheets and a sheet you can type straight into.


Year-2-The-10-Times-Tables extra sheet


Read the Cloudy Day Questions sheet and watch the film again before answering the questions. Make sure you write in sentences and use Tuesday’s emotion sheet to help.

Cloudy Day Questions


Who was Neil Armstrong? What did he do that was so amazing? What happened in his life ?Watch the Twinkl slides and BBC Bitesize information to learn more. Can you complete the time line and write your own facts?

Neil Armstrong PowerPoint

Neil Armstrong Timeline Activity Sheet

Wednesday 13th January



Today all the work is based on the 5 times table. Once again the second sheet you should be able just to open and type into so no need to print!





Using the Cloudy Video from yesterday, today you are going to write what happens in a story on the lined paper or by typing on the Google Docs Sheet or as a comic strip. If you are using the comic strip please draw and write what the characters are saying. You can practice your verb endings as you write your story.

Comic Strip

Narrow Lined

Afternoon Activities:
Dance :

Listen to the Radio program and join in with the actions.



Log on to Purple Mash and Mrs Haigh has set an activity. Remember your username is your first name and initial of your surname eg. sophiep and your password is
I have set a Chimp 2Code activity. If you have done it before choose a Chimp activity that is new to you.

Tuesday 12th January



Today we are practicing using our 2 times tables. There is the White Rose Math’s Sheet to go with the video and a Classroom Secrets sheet you can type straight onto if you open it. Good luck. Remember to do your 2 x tables on My Maths.




We are using a video to base our English work on this week. There is a booklet of work for the video. I am uploading the whole booklet if you feel that you want all the work for the week.

A Cloudy Lesson KS1 Activity Pack – Activity Pack

I will also upload the individual sheets for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday’s lesson is a comprehension sheet.

A cloudy day comprehension

A cloudy day emotional words

It tells you when to stop the video to answer the questions. After that there is a word sorting activity.


Learn about the Shahadah, one of the pillars of Islam and find some Islamic art to copy. There is a video to watch and a worksheet to complete.


Monday 11th January

Today you are learning to arrange counters into arrays. You will need to find some counters at home. Buttons, pennies or lego bricks. Making arrays is a way of seeing numbers in rows and columns to help with multiplication and division. There are extra sheets to practice arrays. Please don’t print all the pages for more arrays as there are answer pages. Start with the first 3! I have also set up the 2X tables to practice on My Math’s this week and you can work through the My Maths lesson.


more arrays

Watch the powerpoint presentation for ing Mrs Haigh will explain the task. Complete the 2/3 worksheets. The Bingo worksheet is used in the lesson or the children can just write down the words. You can also practice some of your spellings today.

Activity Sheet Actions

Activity Sheet Adding -ing

Activity Sheet -ing Bingo Game

Watch the Oaks academy lesson. How can I describe an object? Make sure you have a pencil and paper ready. To complete the investigation sheet after the the lesson you will need a small bowl of water, a paper clip, a small sponge, a piece of paper, a small ball, a rubber band and a pencil.

Describing properties

Friday 8th January


Multiplication colouring



The YouTube video is Mrs Haigh doing the spelling test. Good Luck.

Spelling Test video


There is a very quick letter k formation video and two handwriting practice sheets for letter k. For more handwriting practice there is an Alien Handwriting Poem to copy. There is a sheet of lined paper to print for the poem or use a lined exercise book.

Letter K video

k sheet 1, k sheet 2, Alien Poem ,Narrow Lined paper


This term we will be learning about Neil Armstrong.
Today’s activity is a creative STEM challenge from the STEM Ambassadors. We can’t wait to see your projects!


Thursday 7th January


Y2-White Rose Sheets


Times table practice Year-2


Watch this alien film and write your own alien story. Remember to include lots of adjectives and adverbs to make your sentences interesting.

There is a lined document that you can print and write onto. You can also try typing onto the plain paper on google classroom. If you have already written a story, type it out onto the plain paper and check your spelling and grammar to improve it.

Alien-writing paper


We we’re measuring the temperature at school and talking about signs of winter. So for today’s task take a winter walk and use all your senses to spot the signs of winter. There is a check list of items to spot and a senses sheet if you wish. .


Describing winter


If you can’t go outside we use Lets Move at school for dance. You can listen to the program and dance along.


Wednesday 6th January


Add-equal-groups worksheet

Coin multiplication worksheet

building-bricks-multiplication worksheet


Listen to the story and enjoy

Next watch Mrs Haigh’s presentation

Now see if you can describe an alien

Alien Description worksheet

Religious Education:

This term we are learning about Islam in today’s lesson we will hear about what Muslims believe. The video introduces the children to the religion and the work today explores the 99 names of Allah. A selection can be found on the worksheets. Allow your child to choose one to attempt to copy on the calligraphy sheet. Please explain that Muslims believe that it is disrespectful to God to draw images in human or animal form.

Introduction to Islam Video

Introduction to Islam Powerpoint

99 Names of Allah- Cover 99 Names of Allah- Part 1

99 Names of Allah- Part 2 99 Names of Allah- Part 3

Calligraphy geometric pattern border

Tuesday 5th January

English: Past and Present Tense

Lesson Presentation Past and Present Tenses

Change the Tense Activity Sheet

Rewrite the Sentences Activity Sheet

Mathematics: has been set on Google Classroom.

Science/Physical Activity: Seasonal Changes-a Winter walk.

Signs of Winter: use this information powerpoint to find out about the signs of winter and then take a winter walk to look for signs that it is winter.

Winter Hunt Checklist

Our Winter Nature Walk

PE lesson: Wednesday

We are now setting homework and home learning using google classroom. The children have their own login details and password. Click the links below for further information.