Online Payments Help

Account Activation

First time login

  • Enter your email address and mobile number that is registered with your child’s school

New User

  • Select Send PIN– your 4 digit PIN will be sent via text message to your mobile phone
  • You will need this PIN number each time you log in so keep it safe!

First time login

  • Your email address will be pre-filled, enter your 4 digit PIN number
  • Click Login to get started

Once you have logged in you will be directed to the My Schools pageMy Schools

  • The schools that you are linked to will be shown
  • Your registered email address and your child/children are displayed

NB:If any of these details are not correct please contact your school

Making Payments

  • To view and/or make a payment select Make a payment
  • If you are linked to more than one school, select a school from the drop down Linked school(s) list
  • Tick the Make payment tick box next to the item you wish to pay
  • If there are limited places available, this will be shown in brackets in the item description

MAke a payment

Consent and comment

  • To continue, choose another item to pay or if you have finished select the View my basket button
  • You will be shown a summary of your payment

Payment summary

  • To return to the items available for payment select Back to payments
  • To proceed with your payment, select Checkout

Payment Screens

  • Enter your card details and cardholder information

  • To complete your payment select Submit payment
  • To clear the form and start again, select Clear Form
  • You may be redirected to a security screen. This will be Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode depending on your card type (We are only accepting debit cards)
  • When your payment is authorised the transaction details are displayed

  • To print your payment summary, click Print
  • Select Complete Payment. You will then be returned to the School Gateway where you will be shown the Payment transaction details

Paynent Transaction Summary

  • To return to the list of payment items available to you, select Back to the payments page
  • You will receive an email confirming the payment details

Payment History

  • Select Payment History to view and download your payment history

Your transaction history will be listed

Payment History

  • Narrow your transaction history by using the search options
  • Select a school if you are registered to multiple schools
  • If you are registered to more than one child, narrow your search by entering the students name
  • Select a start date and/or end date of when a payment was made
  • Select Show to run the search
  • To view details of a transaction select View details

Payment History Details

  • Details of the transaction will be shown at the bottom of the screen in Transaction details
  • To save a copy of your payment history select Download

Change your PIN

  • Change your PIN by selecting Change PIN

Change PIN

  • Enter your current PIN
  • Enter your new PIN and again to confirm it
  • Select OK to save the changes

Resetting your PIN

  • To reset your PIN, select the Forgotten your PIN? button on the login screen

Reset PIN

  • Enter your email address and the mobile number that is registered with the school and select Send PIN
  • A new PIN will be sent to your mobile number

Logging in (once you have activated your account)

First time login

Here is the link to Parents FAQ page and further information about Online Payments can be found on our Online Payments for School Dinners page.