We are Calderdale netball Champions!

Recently St. John’s were lucky enough to take part in the Calderdale Primary Schools’ netball tournament. As a result of many people coming to the training sessions, we were able to enter two teams (A & B).The A team consisted of Isobel Oldroyd (captain), Skye Corbin, Marcus Hiley, Max Didgiunaitis, Alastair Scott, Sam Worthington, Leila Lang (Vice captain) and Hannah Ashworth. The B team involved Reuben Stott (captain), Zacc Byram (vice-captain), Isobel Hill, Amy Fearnley, Astrid Hiley and Kai Longdon.

Everybody met at Ryburn Valley High school at quarter to nine in the morning for the start time of quarter past nine. As there were only a few teams there (seven), we had to play a league instead of finals and whoever had the most points at the end of the tournament won. The A team had to play 6 matches altogether which were against: Heathfield, St Johns B, Warley Town, Sacred Heart, Sowerby Village and Norland. The A team won all of the, whereas the B team won one but then sadly lost the rest.

After a tiring morning, the A team were finally announced as champions of the 2015 Calderdale netball tournament. A big thank you to Miss Bell for training us every week and also to Mrs. Wasliw and Mr. Dewick for taking us to the tournament and for supporting us just like the parents did.

By Isobel O and Max