History at St John’s

“There is no agreed single canon of historical content.  History should allow pupils to encounter very different societies from their own, and to weigh different interpretations.  They should study important themes from British history but also from European, American and non-Western history.  The subject should be relevant: more distant history, such as the Crusades or the Reformation can often be just as illuminating as more recent topics.  Above all, history should encourage openness of mind, respect for other views, and the ability to distinguish a valid and a shoddy line of argument.”

Sean Lang, Historical Association



  1. Self – We want our pupils to have an understanding of how history has impacted upon their current lives by comparing different historical periods
  2. Others – We want our pupils to learn about different cultures and religions within different historical periods so that they understand and appreciate cultural diversity beyond their own community
  3. Wider world – We want our children to have skills and knowledge to adapt to the ever-changing world considering historical events and their impact