Spring Term 2021

Please remember that at this stage of Reception year, it is still very important for your child to access play. The activities on these posts will form a mixture of skill development through play and more formal tasks. I hope these activities and lessons are useful and supportive to your child’s home learning.

We are setting home learning using this tab and Google Classroom. The two platforms mirror each other. The children have their own login details and password. Click links below for further information. Google Classroom has been launched for Reception due to the current lockdown.

Google classroom

Google Classroom Parent letter

How to login to my google account

How to hand in your work

Activities will be scheduled for daily release on Google Classroom however the full week of home learning will generally be posted on the Reception home learning tab in advance.

Daily revision


There are also e-reading activities at:

Oxford Owl

Class name: books10 Class password: class1

Weekly revision: Complete 1 or 2 pages a week.

RWI Letter Formation Workbook

Number Formation Workbook

Week beginning 25th January 2021

Good morning everyone, thank you for all the support with home learning. Please find the resources below for this week. Work is scheduled to be published on Google Classroom at 4pm the day before it is to be worked on. This will allow parents time to have a look at it beforehand. Thank you for handing home learning in on Google Classroom.

Rhyme of the week

Please use the video to help you to learn this rhyme for us to sing again together at our Google Meet on Thursday at 11am.

Rhyme poster- 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Activity-Aliens and Flying Saucer

Additional Space Themed Provision Ideas

For the remaining three weeks of this half term we will be continuing with our work on Neil Armstrong and Space. We will have work in our daily learning linked to designing rockets, rocket mice and moon buggies but the following links suggest other ways to have fun with the topic of Space at home in a more playful way. Please take a look and feel free to share some of your activities with me. Daily learning for week beginning 25th January starts beneath these links.

Space Theme Activities for Preschool

25 Fun EYFS Space Activities

Off This Planet Space Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

NASA at home for kids and families

Monday 25th January

Reading: Your challenge this week is to read 3 books from Bug Club with a grown up. Watch the video to see how.

English: Listen to the story of “Look Up” and join the illustrator of the story in drawing Rocket’s pet car Luna.

Luna the Cat Draw-Along Activity Sheet

Phonics: Use the daily revision video and revise the sound ‘f.’ Use the worksheets to handwrite the letter and find words with f as the initial sound.

Worksheet- handwrite f

Worksheet- initial sound exploration with f

Mathematics: Learn all about the number 9. Use the powerpoint story today as we will be using the numberblock video later in the week.

Presentation- All about number 9

Activity- All about number 9 home learning challenge

Activity- I spy number 9

Worksheet- Number 9 formation

Worksheet- Number 9 Numberblock

Understanding of the World: ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED-

Grab some materials and a small tub of water to find out more about floating and sinking.

Floating and Sinking Video

Reception Worksheet- Float or Sink

Tuesday 26th January

English: Rocket dreams of going to space in our story. What would you need if you were going to space? Write a list of 10 things and label your rocket.

Worksheet-10 things I would take to space in my rocket

Worksheet-Space rocket labelling

Phonics: We are learning a tri-graph today- watch the video to learn about ‘igh.’

Mathematics: How many ways can we make 9?

Numberblock 9 video

How many ways to make 9

Understanding of the World/Religious Education:

Find out more about the 5 Pillars of Islam. What are they? What do they mean to Muslims?

The Five Pillars of Islam Video

YR Presentation The Five Pillars of Islam

YR Worksheet-Matching Five Pillars

Wednesday 27th January

English: Watch the video about “The Girl Who Went to Space” and then complete the reading tasks today. Find out more about Space by reading the fact cards or discuss the pictures on the cards at the end of the activity pack.

Work cards-Sentences about space

Phonics: Daily revision video.

Mathematics: Numberblock 9 is a very special number- he is a square number.

Use the Powerpoint to find out more about number nine’s special power.

Numberblocks 9 PPT

Activity- Is it square – 9

Worksheet- Numberblocks 9 can it be square

PE: Follow the BBC dance programme and let’s build a snowman!

Let’s Dance: Let’s make a snowman

Thursday 28th January

English: Listen to the story “Look Up” again and then read the sentence mazes. You are trying to use your blending skills in a different way using sentences from the story we are reading rather than your reading books on Bug Club.

Reading Activity- Look Up Reading Sentence Mazes

Phonics: You will need a writing tools for today’s activity. Can you write ‘ow’ words?


Don’t forget GOOGLE MEET 11AM. I can’t wait to see you all.

Mathematics: How many ways can we make the numbers 5, 6, 7 or 8? Join in with Jack Hartmann to say your number pairs to 5.

Worksheet- Composition of 5

Worksheet- Composition of 6, 7 and 8

Understanding of the World: Neil Armstrong didn’t get to the moon on his own. There was a team behind the mission to the moon. Find out about some of the women who helped the Apollo 11 mission land on the moon. Can you make a paper doll book to draw pictures of them and write some facts on the back about their lives?

Powerpoint- The Women who helped build NASA

Activity- Paper People Chain

Friday 29th January

English: What happens in the story “Look Up”? Can you make a zigzag book to retell the story? Can you write about Rocket’s next adventure?

Zigzag Book Instructions

Look Up Zigzag Book A4 Fold Lines

Phonics: Use the daily revision video.

Mathematics: Watch my video and tell your own addition number sentences. Use the Activity Cards for ideas on how to achieve this at home.

Postbox Addition Home Learning Challenge

Teddy Bear’s Bedtime Addition Home Learning Challenge

Washing Line Addition Home Learning Challenge

Washing Machine Addition Home Learning Challenge

Design: Get your recycling items together to make a rocket!

Make a Rocket with Justin video

Craft a DIY rocket (Instruction Video)

Make a Bottle Rocket

Week beginning 18th January 2021

Good morning everyone, thank you for all the support with home learning. Please find the resources below for this week. Work is scheduled to be published on Google Classroom at 4pm the day before it is to be worked on. This will allow parents time to have a look at it beforehand. Thank you for handing home learning in on Google Classroom.

Monday 18th January

Reading: Your challenge this week is to read 3 books from Bug Club with a grown up. Watch the video to see how.

English: Retell the story of “Whatever Next.” Grab a box to make a rocket, a colander or pan to make a helmet, your gravity boots and a picnic and act out the story.


Phonics: Use the revision video to recap all the phonemes in Set 1 and focus on the phoneme ‘b.’ Complete the letter formation and initial sound work.

Worksheet-‘b’ Letter formation

Worksheet- ‘b’ Initial Sound

Mathematics: Numberblocks 8 and number 8 formation.

Numberblocks 8 video

Worksheet- Numeral formation 8

Worksheet- Exploring 8

Science: How can I describe an object? Explore the properties of materials using the Oak Academy online lesson.

Activity- How can I describe an object?

Worksheet- Describing Properties

Tuesday 19th January

English: Read this story online, it is similar to “Whatever Next.” What do you think you might see in space? You can use your imagination or be scientific with your ideas. Make a spacesuit using the split pin astronaut: split pins needed.

Story-Back to earth with a bump

Worksheet-In a Rocket

Continue to work on your cutting skills and use split pins to join your astronaut together.

Cutting and joining skills-Split pin astronaut

Phonics: Set 2 sound ‘ay’ is the new phoneme today. You will need writing materials for this video lesson.

Mathematics: Octoblock has many adventures. Can you find the missing parts of 8? Which numbers make 8 when added together?

Powerpoint-The Adventures of Number 8

Worksheet-Finding 8

Worksheet-Making 8

Religious Education/Understanding the World: Watch the Islamic Stories and tell an adult what you think they mean? What would this teach someone who is Muslim.

Wednesday 20th January

English: Use the video (Monday 18th January) or this powerpoint to retell the story “Whatever Next.” Label the objects from the story.

Powerpoint- Whatever Next

Worksheet-Can you label the picture?

Phonics: Use the daily revision video to revise Set 1 Phonics.

Mathematics: Look at the video of “Anno’s Counting Book” discuss the representations of 6,7 and 8.

Complete the worksheet matching representations of 6, 7 and 8.

Worksheet- Representing 6, 7, and 8

Physical Development: PE Dance Lesson 2 Winter Topic “Creatures in the Snow”

Creatures in the Snow Dance Topic

Thursday 21st January

English: Complete the speech bubbles for “Whatever Next.” What do you think baby bear and owl would be saying to each other at this point in the story?

Worksheet-Whatever Next speech bubbles

Phonics- Revise Set 1 sounds and introduction of set 2 phoneme ‘ee.’


Mathematics: Play snap with the representations of 6, 7 and 8.

Activity-Snap cards matching representations to 10

Understanding of the world: Find out more about the Apollo 11 Landing and what happened when Neil Armstrong went to the moon. The record sheets have a number of options. Choose one or two with your child to complete from facts they can remember about the Apollo 11 mission.

Powerpoint- The Apollo 11 Mission

The Moon Landing writing prompts

Friday 22nd January

English: Remind yourself of the story “Whatever Next.” Retell the story in sentences and don’t forget the finger spaces.

Worksheet-Retell Whatever Next

Phonics: Revise Set 1 and Set 2 Phonemes in the daily revision video.

Mathematics: Match alien pairs and begin to use the cards to create addition number sentences.

Activity-Alien snap cards

Worksheet-space addition

PSHE: Caring and kindness activities. To be a good friend we all have to be kind. Listen to the “Kind” story by Axel Schleffer. In lockdown this is particularly important and everyone deserves some kindness. Can you use these activity ideas to be kind to someone else this weekend?

Activity- handprint kindness

Activity- kindness postcards

Week commencing 11th January 2021

Good morning everyone, thank you for all the support with home learning. Please find the resources below for this week. Work is scheduled to be published on Google Classroom at 4pm the day before it is to be worked on. This will allow parents time to have a look at it beforehand. Thank you for handing home learning in on Google Classroom.

Monday 11th January

English: letter formation ‘u.’ In class each week, we recap a sound and concentrate on letter formation. Today it is ‘u.’ Try to find some things around the house that start with the sound ‘u.’ Do you have an umbrella? Revise all the set 1 sounds using the video in the daily revision section above.

Worksheet: Letter formation u

Worksheet: U: initial sound work

Mathematics: Numberblock 7

Numberblock 7 video

Worksheet: Number 7 formation

Worksheet: Exploring 7 further

Understanding the World/The Natural World: Watch the first 1 minute and 30 seconds for an excellent explanation from “Bill Nye Science Guy” of why there are different seasons. Over the next five days take time to record the weather.

Worksheet: Reception-5 day weather diary

Tuesday 12th January

English: The ng phoneme and “The North Wind Doth Blow” rhyme

Print off the poster below and look for all the ‘ng’ words in the nursery rhyme. Can you match the ones from the video?

When you have completed your detective work, have a go at this activity: Make a paper plate robin

Mathematics: More work on Number 7

Powerpoint: All about 7

Worksheet: Numberblocks number 7 number bonds

Understanding the World: Religion.

Worksheet: Lesson 2 Shahadah

Wednesday 13th January

English: Look at the pictures, tell an adult what is happening in the picture. Write a sentence to match the picture. If you are struggling, ask the adult to write your sentence and then you must copy it.

Worksheet: Winter simple sentences

Phonics: ‘nk’ phoneme. Our last phoneme in Set 1!

Mathematics: Number 7 and the days of the week.

Worksheet: Numberblocks 7 days

Physical Education: Get on your dancing shoes and join Jack Frost on a dancing adventure!

Jack Frost Let’s Dance BBC

Thursday 14th January

English: Explore the Powerpoint and talk about what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste in Winter. Then watch my video to see how to write your own winter senses poem. (The children will only need worksheet 1 for today’s work, if you find your child needs more challenge use worksheet 2 of the attached document.)

Powerpoint: My five winter senses

Worksheet: Winter Senses Poem

Phonics: Our next step is Set 2 sounds so get ahead by watching the daily revision video in the daily revision section above. Don’t forget to work on the new phonemes you have been assigned for homework.

Today is Google Meet Up Day at 11am. The link will be sent out once created on Monday. Please bring something to show me and I will be reading you a story. I can’t wait to see you!

Mathematics: Making pairs.

Watch the matching mittens video. You will need to print off the mittens to play the game with an adult or an older sibling. Take care when you are cutting the mittens. Try to design your own matching mittens.

Activities: Mitten matching game

Understanding the World: Find out about Neil Armstrong? What did he do? Find out about his life from the powerpoint and use p4 of the document to timeline his life in pictures.

Neil Armstrong PowerPoint

Neil Armstrong Timeline Activity Sheet

Friday 15th January

English: Use the winter shape templates to try writing your own winter poem.

Winter Shape Poetry Templates

Phonics: Keep up with the revision of those Set 1 and 2 phonemes using the video in the daily revision section above.

Mathematics: Try out these different matching pairs games.

Hunt the pair and find the matching sock

Patterned sock matching activity

Design a pair of socks

Winter pairs matching game

Personal and Social Development/Understanding the world: We have a shared responsibility to look out for other creatures. Try to make a bird feeder today!

Activities: Natural pine cone bird feeders

Yoghurt pot bird feeders

Phonics Presentation Autumn 2o20

To accompany the Information Pack, RWI Phonics Book and Reading Books in Reception home learning folders, please watch the following video for parents and carers:

The video below explains the set 1 and 2 phonemes and their correct pronunciations.