Due to a printing issue, this week’s homework has been set online.


This week we have been learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers. For your homework you should attempt to find the highest value prime number.

Use the website below to add a sticky-note with your findings.


Always check with a responsible adult before posting anything online. If your adult is happy for you to do so, you may mark your sticky-note with your initials. DO NOT POST YOUR NAME ONLINE.


This week we have been writing and editing our own work. On Thursday, we edited a recipe for beef stew so that the purpose of the writing was no longer to instruct someone to cook a lovely meal, but instead, to instruct someone to create a witches spell brew!

I would like you to find a short piece of writing, perhaps from a newspaper, magazine or advertisement, and write over it in pen – like we did in class – and change the purpose of the writing. Please write what you think the original purpose was and what the new purpose is.

example –

Could you change a football report to show that a team that performed poorly actually did very well?

Could you alter an article about an exciting theme park to seem dull and boring?

Could you edit an article about one animal to be about a wholly different animal?

Could you edit a very short story (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) so that is very different?

I hope you all enjoy this homework as much as you did in school!!


Here is an example of our edited stew recipe …