Autumn Term 2020

Class 3 PE lesson: Tuesday and Thursday

Class 4 PE lesson: Monday and Tuesday

Click the links below to view our latest Curriculum Newsletter to see what your child will be studying this term:

Class 3 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2020

Class 4 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2020

We are now setting homework using google classroom. The children have their own login details and password. Click links below for further information.

Google classroom

Google Classroom Parent letter

How to login to my google account

How to hand in your work


Week beginning 19th October 2020

This week the spellings are homophones. The test will be on Thursday. The children will be given a sentence and they will need to write the correct spelling to fit the sentence (The witch/which stirred the cauldron)

spellings homophones


Week beginning 12th October 2020

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Week beginning 5th October 2020

There aren’t any spellings to learn at home this week as the children will be doing  Y4 assessments. As part of this, they will be given 20 random Y3/4  words and patterns that they have already learnt.


Week beginning 28th September 2020

Spellings week 3



Week beginning 21st September 2020












Spelling list for week beginning  14th September 2020 (test on Fridays)

week 1 spellings