On Tuesday 1st April St John’s netball teams (A and B) went to Ryburn Valley High School to compete in the Small Schools’ tournament. The people on the A team included Ruth, Sam, Erin, Luke, Isobel, Jack  and Lucy. The players on the B team were Charlotte, Max, Saskia, Ryan, Aleyna, Mia and Marcus . The captain for the A team was Erin and the vice captain was Ruth. The B team captain was Charlotte and the vice captain was Saskia.

The A team won all their group games against Norland, St Mary`s, Heathfield B team and Warley Town. The B team lost against Heathfield A team, drew with Salterlee and beat both Sacred Heart and Sowerby Village.

Both teams made it in to the semi finals but had to play each other! The A team narrowly beat the B team and competed against Heathfield A team in the final. Unfortunately, Heathfield won, but we were very proud that the A team came 2nd and the teachers were very supportive throughout the games. Mrs Wasyliw, Mr Dewick and all our parents and grandparents, who came to watch, said they were very proud of the way we played and behaved all morning.

By Erin, Charlotte and Saskia.