Our super scientists were eggsperimenting with gravity and shock absorption today.

It was very eggsciting, but we still managed to learn (through the many yolks).


After investigating how the density of an egg compares with fresh and salty water, we decorated an egg ready for some cracking entertainment .

Children were tasked with designing a carriage that would protect the egg when dropped from a height.

The higher the drop; the higher the points. There were tactics mixed in the science, and the year 3 girls came a close second (a mere 1cm away), but team Yolky stole it with that LAST DROP!

As a side note – Science Club needs to improve their boiled/raw egg detection as I am still combing raw egg from my hair.

Here are the full Egg Drop Results:

Egg Drop Results

The winning egg:


See you all next week,


Mr Jones