Our invaluable Support Staff include:-

Mrs Gorrill
Mrs Gorrill is a higher-level teaching assistant, working with Mrs Kowal in Class 1. She is involved in special needs provision for our children and has been at St John’s for many years. She is a tenacious cornet player and can be heard blowing out a tune every Monday in Golcar.

Mrs Fraser
Mrs Fraser wears many hats at St John’s! She is a higher-level teaching assistant in KS2, senior mid-day supervisor and first aider. She has worked at St. John’s for the past 9 years.

Mrs Lumb
Mrs Lumb is a KS1 TA, mid-day supervisor, not to mention first-class first aider! She has been at St John’s for 18 years, initially coming in to help out when her children were here. In her spare time, she loves her music (especially Marty Wilde) and is extremely active in the local Brownie pack.

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson works as a TA throughout the school and also helps out at lunchtime.  When she’s not at school, she likes to relax with a good book.

Mrs Horner

Mrs Horner is our resident linguist. As well as supporting in the classrooms, she teachers French to KS2 children. She also has two children at St John’s school.

Mrs Dunn

Mrs Dunn works as a TA in KS1 and KS2. She is also a mid-day supervisor. She has one boy at St John’s school.