Here are copies of our policies to view or download.

Curriculum Policies

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Finance Policies

Accounting Policy

Anti-Fraud Policy

Asset Disposal Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Dinner Money Policy

Investment Policy

Lettings and Charges Policy

Lettings and Charges Schedule

Procurement Policy

Reserves Policy

First Aid and Medical Policies

Intimate Care Policy

Medical Care Policy (inc first aid and medicines)

Health and Safety Policies

Accessibility Policy and Plan

Health and Safety Policy

Risk Assessment Covid-19 full reopening September 2020

Risk Assessment Policy

HR Policies

Appraisal Policy

Attendance Management Policy

Capability Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Grievance Policy

In year Admissions Policy

Leave of Absence Policy

Managing Allegations Policy

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave (including Shared Parental Leave) Policy

Monitoring Policy

Pay and Grading Policy

Recruitment Policy

Redeployment Policy

Redundancy Policy

Review and Restructure Policy

Stress Policy

Substance Misuse Policy

Non-Curriculum Policies

Admissions Policy including pandemic amendment

Communications Policy

Complaints Policy

Cookies Policy

FOI Policy

Governor visits Policy

Lesson Observation Policy

Privacy notice

Reporting, Record-Keeping and retention policy

Subject Leadership Policy

Vexatious Complaints Policy

Safeguarding and Pastoral Policies

Behaviour (inc anti-bullying) Discipline and Attendance Policy

COVID 19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Arrangements

Data Protection Policy

E-safety Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Internet Access and Safe Usage Policy

Lockdown Procedure Policy

Safeguarding policy

Social Media Policy

Staff Code of Conduct Policy

Whistle-blowing Policy

Special Educational Needs

Disability Policy

SEN Policy

SEN-Local offer