In June 2017, we successfully achieved the Investors in Pupils award.

The Investors in Pupils programme provides a unique pupil participation framework for involving pupils in decision making, and developing responsibility and leadership in relation to their learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction. It is powerful in developing a positive ethos where pupils learn about how the school is run, and, in turn, understand how they themselves can contribute to the running of the school. Pupils commit to common goals and teamwork – together with each other and with staff.

In summary, it is about celebrating the voice of the children and letting them show how responsible they can be when given the opportunity to shine.

Here are just a few of the comments the assessor quoted in our report:

“The school leadership team (including governors) has been fully committed to develop and sustain ‘Investors in Pupils’, principally to promote pupil voice, but also to broaden and further enhance the learning opportunities for children throughout the school to enable them to become independent, confident learners.”

“There is a strong commitment to academic excellence and personal development (for staff and pupils) throughout the school. Across the curriculum, pupils are encouraged to work hard but also be inclusive and supportive of difference.”

“Attendance is good and consistently above the national and Local Authority average. Pupils are acutely aware of the importance of attendance and punctuality and make strenuous efforts to support their peers to ensure that these high standards are met. Pupils also displayed mature attitudes to attendance and acknowledged that were times when non-attendance is justified or even expected.”


Well done to all the staff and pupils at St John’s who worked hard to achieve this impressive award.