As part of our work towards Investors in Pupils, each class interviewed different members of staff to find out more about their role in school. It is clear that all staff play an important part in the running of the school.

Year 4 found out more about their class teacher, Mrs Verry, and Mrs Worthington, who works in the office. They wrote some brilliant poems:

Here are some things you may not know about Mrs Verry.

She always finds next steps that we haven’t done!

Her favourite football team is Manchester City.

You will always find nuts, olives, fruit and coffee on her desk.

She has worked in seven different countries.

And she once served Prince William a drink.


Mrs Worthington


Sore knee fixer

Sympathy provider

Parent ringer

Star pupil overseer

Delicious dinner server

Dinner eating encourager

Young child’s handholder

Extra mile goer

Register checker

Argument resolver

Sadness chaser

Forgotten item bringer

Guillotine user

Letter writer

Ice pack deliverer

All round happiness creator