On Tuesday 11th November 2014 St John’s School took a large squad of twenty four to this year’s Cross Country Tournament. Everyone on the team did their job as everyone tried their best and finished; we even had someone who won their race! But most importantly we had fun and the parents and teaching staff( Mr Dewick and Mrs Fraser) supported us all.

The first race of the day was the year three girls, in this race we had: Holly, Maisie and Abigail. All three ran terribly fast as they collected 13th (Abigail), 18th ( Holly) and Maisie came 22nd. This race contained another thirty to forty participants none of whom were from St John’s. The next race was year three boys, this race contained: Jim Bob who came 6th, Jamie who finished 25th and of course Wilson who came 29th. As for the year fours they did just as well with the runners being: Emily, Harriet, and Grace they came 4th 11th and 33rd. However the boys; Joe, Euan and Harry amazingly came 1st, 3rd and 5th.

As for the older children (year five and six) they had to run a bit of a longer way but they still did really well. The year five girls contained Astrid who was 5th; Isobel who was 26th and Ellie who came 32nd. Then moments later the boys stepped up to follow the girl’s fantastic performance. This race contained Aidan, Nathan and Lucas. The boys came 3rd, 12th and 15th. Then finally it was the turn of the year sixes. Once again we had three boys and three girls, the girls were: Polly (captain), Skye, and Hannah. They ran very well collecting a 4th place, a 26th place and a 34th place. Then the last race of the day came, the year six boys. Competing in this race were Marcus (captain), Max and Zacc. All boys raced well and they came 3rd, 5th and 7th.

Therefore overall the school did a fantastic job and won this year’s Small Schools’ competition. Thanks to Mr Dewick and Mrs Fraser who took us along to the competition. Everyone enjoyed the morning, even the parents! Well done to St Johns!
Report by Marcus Hiley and Polly Farrow.

Cross country