We were all excited to start our new R.E. topic today. We started by thinking of questions which would provoke people to think more deeply about common stories from the Bible.

Here are some of the questions which the children came up with today. Can you spot your own?

The Story of Creation

What was there before God?

Noah’s Flood

Why didn’t God make the sinful people like him?

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Why do some people listen to God and others not?

David and Goliath

Would David have beaten Goliath without God’s help?

Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Why did God choose to help Daniel?


We hope that these questions make you think! Hopefully, we can try to answer some of them over the rest of the term.


We examined the Big Frieze artwork by Emma Yarlet and asked our own questions about its meaning.

Here are some of our sketches with our own questions about the relationship between God and His people:


Some children thought of this old question.

What was special about Daniel?

This question is based on the time between Creation and Noah.

This is a question which goes to the heart of our topic.