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Cross Country champions 2017

The St John’s Cross Country team became champions once again in our cluster of schools at Ryburn. Every year group in KS2 competed in the event resulting in 8 teams. […]

November newsletter 2017

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Science Club | KS2 | Autumn 2017

October newsletter 2017

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Class 4 | Design and Technology

Today we began to create our pneumatic models. We have everything from Land Yachts to Pneumatic Tippers.   We discussed how we will use all of the equipment safely before […]

Class 4 | email

Today we considered how we communicate with each other. We thought about the advantages and disadvantages of each form of communication and recorded our findings in a chart. Next time, […]

September newsletter 2017

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Rounders champions!

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July newsletter 2017

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Netball champions 2017!

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