Class 4 Blog

Changing State | The Water Cycle

As part of our science topic, States of Matter, we have created our own miniature version of the water cycle. Here are some of the children in Class 4 with […]

Class 4 Science | Changing State

After discussing the half-term homework about changes of state, we learnt about how particles are arranged in solids, liquids and gases. We used the hall space to demonstrate the arrangement […]

Year 5 | Rishworth Experience

We were invited to Rishworth School to take part in a science lesson using their fantastic resources. Here are few of the comments about the morning: ”Science is amazing!” ”I […]

Class 4 | British Values | Royalty and Democracy

With the latest royal wedding around the corner, we have been thinking about why the Royal Family attract so much interest in this country. We talked about the role of […]

Class 4 | What is it like to follow God?

We were all excited to start our new R.E. topic today. We started by thinking of questions which would provoke people to think more deeply about common stories from the […]

Class 4 | Spreadsheets and Graphs

Recently, in Class 4 we have been learning about spreadsheets. We calculated missing data on a hockey league table by using the formula option.   Here is an example of […]

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 Homework   Next week in science week at St John’s.   For homework this week, I would like you to think about and then research an area of […]

Class 4 | Model Anderson Shelters

Today we have made a start on our replica Anderson Shelters. Most of the children have chosen to incorporate a ‘grow your own’ veg patch after our work on the […]

Class 4 | Animations

Today, we started our animation work in Class 4. We have made a simple animation using Purple Mash. Here are just a few of our animations.   (Click on the […]

World War 2 Propaganda

Today we have been considering how propaganda was used in World War 2 to deliver messages to the people of Britain. Have a look at some of our own posters […]