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Year 5 Homework

Year 5 Homework   Next week in science week at St John’s.   For homework this week, I would like you to think about and then research an area of […]

Class 4 | Model Anderson Shelters

Today we have made a start on our replica Anderson Shelters. Most of the children have chosen to incorporate a ‘grow your own’ veg patch after our work on the […]

Class 4 | Animations

Today, we started our animation work in Class 4. We have made a simple animation using Purple Mash. Here are just a few of our animations.   (Click on the […]

World War 2 Propaganda

Today we have been considering how propaganda was used in World War 2 to deliver messages to the people of Britain. Have a look at some of our own posters […]

Year 5 Homework | Friday 10th November 2017

Due to a printing issue, this week’s homework has been set online. Maths This week we have been learning about multiples, factors and prime numbers. For your homework you should […]

Class 4 | Design and Technology

Today we began to create our pneumatic models. We have everything from Land Yachts to Pneumatic Tippers.   We discussed how we will use all of the equipment safely before […]

Class 4 | email II

This afternoon we have been learning how to open and reply to emails within our safe, closed school email system. The children had good fun messaging each other, but followed […]

Class 4 | email

Today we considered how we communicate with each other. We thought about the advantages and disadvantages of each form of communication and recorded our findings in a chart. Next time, […]

Year 5 Fire Safety Talk

Today we were visited by Yorkshire Fire Service who talked to us about how to stay safe around fire. We learnt a lot and also had a bit of fun. […]

Year 5 Spellings 3rd April 2017

Here are our spellings for this week. Week 6 There will also be 5 random words from the Year 5/6 spelling list.