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Year 5 Spellings 27th February 2017

Here are our spellings for this week. Week 1 There will also be 5 random words from the Year 5/6 spelling list.

Half Term Brain Teaser 5

Mr Jones is 1.78m tall. Miss Bell is 1.72m tall. Mr Dewick is 1.77m tall. Mrs Verry is 1.69m tall. All of these teachers are planning to perform at Rishworth’s […]

Half Term Brain Teaser 4

a) If I start jogging along the canal from Sowerby Bridge at 2.15pm and finish at 3.35pm, how long have I been jogging for? b) If I was jogging at […]

Half Term Brain Teaser 3

Mr Jones has bought some chips. He has 24 chips left in his bag. He has eaten 80% of the chips. How many chips did he have to begin with? […]

Half Term Brain Teaser 2

The area of the school field is 144m2 a) If the field is square, what would be the length of each side of the field? b) If the field is […]

Half Term Brain Teaser 1

Mr Jones has a rectangle with sides of 8cm and 4cm.   He also has a regular hexagon. The perimeter of the hexagon is 6cm more than the perimeter of […]

This Week’s Spellings

Spellings   Here are this week’s spellings. Don’t forget to practise!  

Some more science for you to digest

Yesterday in Class 4, we made a working model of the human digestive system. In was fun, educational and DISGUSTING! We started off by copying the chewing action with out […]

Dear Lord Russel,

This afternoon, in our work, we wrote a letter to Lord Russel (The Prime Minister in 1847) to tell him the reasons why children should be treated well. In Victorian […]

Children Working in Victorian Britain

In Class 4 this afternoon, we have been learning about the children in workhouses. In workhouses children had to kneel on hot pipes as a nasty punishment. We have also […]